Reverse the Pheasant Shooting Ban in Wales

Sign our letter to Natural Resources Wales

Use this page to send a letter calling on the Board of NRW to reverse the decisions taken on the 20th September 2018, which included the end of pheasant shooting leases on public land.

Before the intervention of the Labour Government, NRW spent £48,000 of taxpayers’ money on a review that recommended game shooting be allowed to continue, and that was what the Board intended to do. It is clear that the NRW Board felt compelled to change their position because of pressure from the Environment Minister, but the Minister has now made it clear on public record that her intervention was not binding. As such the NRW Board is free to follow the recommendations of their review, as they originally intended to do.

The letter, which is available in both English and Welsh, is for supporters residing in Wales and will be copied to your Assembly Members. If you live outside of Wales but have contributed to the rural economy by visiting Wales to hunt, shoot or fish, then I urge you to complete the form which will only be sent to the two e-mail addresses relating to NRW and not to any Assembly Members.

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