General Election 2019

Pledge your support for the countryside

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The next Parliament must take rural issues seriously and support our rural communities. The Countryside Alliance represents over 100,000 members and supporters in all parts of the United Kingdom.

We campaign to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for the countryside and its communities – from ensuring full digital connectivity and rural services to tackling rural crime and promoting the responsible management of wildlife and the environment.

The next Parliament must address the priorities of the countryside and make them its own.

We want to help your members and supporters know where you stand on rural issues and ask whether you are supportive of the following pledges:


 Delivering full digital connectivity to the countryside by 2025.

 Mandatory country of origin food labelling to ensure a level playing field for British farmers after we leave the EU.

Tackling crime in rural areas by introducing fair funding for rural policing.

 Opposing unjustified restrictions on firearms and punitive increases in the cost of licences.

Making Post Offices the front office of government through the expansion of personal and business banking services, so protecting a vital service to rural communities.

– Taking an evidence-based approach to wildlife and environmental management, opposing any further restrictions on legitimate rural activities such as hunting, shooting and fishing.


Please complete the form below and tell us our position on each of the pledges so that we can let our huge network of members and supporters up and down the country know where you stand on these key issues.

The Countryside Alliance

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